How did it all begin...

Sample ImageMy name is Ana Desman, and I live with my family ( mum, dad and sister Eva ) in little village Terbegovci. I always loved dogs, but before we lived in big city so we couldn't have one. How did my story with bull terriers begin? Well I always wanted a dog, but never a bully, although my dad had one pure white bt bitch Ninja, I never loved so much that breed. When we moved to Terbegovci my dad bought white bt male Willy. At first I was totaly against, but then I fell in love with him and breed. I started to learn, and read about bt's and soon I was interested also in dog shows. I went on my 1st dog show with willy. He was in puppy class with his 2 brothers and he won. Then I become totaly addicted to shows. Soon I realised that he is not the one for breeding and shows - sadly but he is undershot. I was looking for a another dog, now I wanted a bully for breeding and shows. So that is how I found Lola. With honor I can say her first dog show was Special Bull Terrier Show - Stockerau, where judged dear Mr. Bill Leslie ( Billmaris kennel ) who is great judge and breeder. Lola got a great critic, and that gave me hope for future. And here we are, we had our 1st litter already, and we are going on for breeding and showing, beautiful, great temperament and most important healthy bullterriers! Thank you for visiting my web site, and come soon again!

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07.12.2008 - Banana - CACIB Wels (A) - look under news and her topic!!!
30.11.2008 -
Banana - CACIB Zagreb (HR) - exc. 2 and exc.1, JCAC!
09.11.2008 - Banana - CACIB Vrtojba - 2x exc. 1,JCAC!
01.03.2008 -
Our show calendar for 08'/09' under handling! 

16.march 2008 - We went to Poland!
We decided is time to bring something fresh into our kennel, and we luckyly find presious Banana. She was bornt in kennel Anima Villis (PL), from combination Sexy Sue Anima Villis and Cruft's winner 08' Lord of the Timar. We thank very much to Anima Villis and Timar kennel for giving us this little girl!
I would like also to thank very much to Andrea and her family (Pick A Bull kennel) for taking me to Poland and helping me with all :)
Other informations and pictures you can see under Females - Jaqueline Timar Anima Villis!

20.september 2008 - Special Terrier Show in Maribor (SLO)!
This time we went on Special Terrier Show in Slovenia, with our youngest bitch Banana (Jacqueline Timar Anima Villis). She was in puppy class and gotVery Promissing. She did well for her 1st show!  *more under her topic *